• A professional manufacturer of all kinds of melamine sponge products.
  • A provider of complete customizable sponge solutions.
  • A top supplier of private label cleaning sponges.
  • A stauch opponent of any kinds of low quality products.

What Quality We Supply

ACAMIC supplies only the highest quality melamine sponge products with identical performance to world famous brands like Mr. Clean®, Scotch-Brite® etc.

Every single piece of our sponges are made of the best Grade A melamine foam material in China.

What Makes ACAMIC Special

We are not special at all. We simply persist in doing whatever we think is right – Quality must always come first.

Our Processing Capabilities

  • CUTTING & SLICING of sponges to your exact sizes.
  • DIE CUTTING & CNC CUTTING for specialized shapes.
  • HOT COMPRESSING for higher densities.
  • HOT EMBOSSING for specialied surface designs.
  • LAMINATING to glue two or more types of materials together.
  • PACKAGING to process private label items ready for market.

Our Sponge Solutions

  • Magic eraser sponges
  • Extra power sponges
  • Shaminator sponges
  • Sandwich sponges
  • Duo sponges
  • Free shaped sponge
  • Scrubby eraser pads
  • Mop refill pads
  • Machine floor pads
  • Sponge cloths
  • Velcro sponges
  • Sponge tools

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