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Who we are


ACAMIC is a professional manufacturer & one of the most reputed names in melamine foam fabrication industry in China.

small-factory-picture-homepage-1With the full range of foam converting machinery in place within our factory, ACAMIC has the capability to produce melamine sponges in different densities, sizes, shapes and composite structures, and can provide customers of a variety of wholesale and retail packaging options.

Popular Sponge Solutions

Original Magic Eraser Sponge

Magic Eraser Sponge Original

Extra Strength Eraser Sponge

Eraser Sponge Extra Power

PU and Melamine Composite Sponge

Duo & Sandwich Eraser Sponge

Scrubby Eraser Sponge

Scrubby Eraser Sponge

Melamine Sponge cloth

Eraser Sponge + Cloth

Melamine Floor Pad

Melamine Floor Pads

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