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As one of the most reputed names in melamine foam fabrication industry in China,
we have been manufacturing melamine sponge products since 2009.

Plentiful solutions

With full range of melamine foam converting machinery in our factory, we have the flexibility in manufacturing almost all kinds of melamine sponge products in the market.

Better quality

All our melamine sponges are made of the best Grade A melamine foam material in China. This ensures that our customers get the identical quality to the world top brands.

Lower prices

Thanks to our effective cost control, we are able to offer very competitive prices in the melamine foam fabrication industry. We control costs without sacrificing the quality.

Welcome to ACAMIC

ACAMIC has proudly carved its name in the melamine foam fabrication industry in China since 2009. In our state of the art facility we have full range of foam converting machinery including cutting & slicing, die cutting & CNC cutting, hot compressing & embossing, and laminating machines, which assure our ability in manufacturing all kinds of melamine sponge products.

Our factory integrates the reward in locations, labor costs, logistics, machines etc. We bring together our wealth of experience and knowledge to build the most reliable source for private label products.

Do you have such concerns?

What is the difference between Germany made & China made melamine sponges?

Many consumers may have observed that some suppliers declare that their eraser sponges are made of Basotect® melamine foam manufactured by BASF in Germany and have apparent better quality than the one made in China. But is it actually a fact?

What requires particular attention when buying melamine sponges from China?

Buying melamine sponges from China might be not as easy as your imagine; some of our customers have very un-pleasant experiences before working with us. Quality, services, shipping time, ..., you have plenty to look at. But which is the top priority?

Some suppliers are offering much lower prices, can I just simply go for the cheapest?

Because of the intense rivalry, some suppliers forcibly offer very low prices. We understand that to reduce the purchasing costs are always an important work for buyers? But here for melamine sponges, can we simply buy the cheapest?